Rick's teaching method has proven itself over the years to give maximum playing results with minimum practice for the piano student. One of the main philosophies of his method is that the student cannot be limited to a set book method to learn piano. The lesson is divided into 16 separate music categories which are customized to the student's age and level. Each student has their own combination of music subjects that fits their musical needs and learning curve. In this way, the student reaches their maximum potential and is motivated to practice the piano at their own pace.

As a student progresses through the method, they will develop a combination of music called the "centralization" in which the student plays their favorite music. The diversity of music subjects gives the student the opportunity to see what kind of music they excel in while making the student work on their weaker points.

This system of teaching was developed while attending music school studying under many great professors and musicians. By learning under many different teaching styles, Rick developed this method which is both contemporary and functional for the student to learn. As a performing artist, Rick tries to pick the best songs from each period of music that he thinks the student will enjoy performing.

The teaching method itself is based on a visual array of color codes, symbols and icons to help the student learn faster without the frustration that normally comes from traditional approaches. Besides practicing the song, the student is given a background on the piece which gives the student a better understanding of how to practice the song.

Practicing is an important concept that the student must do in order to be proficient at the piano. Specialized practice sheets show the student how to practice the piano piece in sections. This assures that the student's attention span will not be diminished.

The advanced technological approaches used at the studio help to communicate the process and concepts more quickly to the student so that they can play cutting edge pieces without having to wait years (as most traditional teachers tell their students).