Learn to Play Advanced Pieces

Begin piano lessons in Northfield, NJ

Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Now is your time. Rick DeKarski Piano Teaching provides piano lessons for beginners in Northfield, NJ. When you learn with us, you'll experience a different type of piano instruction based on the music itself and not books. You can improve your skills at your own pace without the frustration of regular instruction.

Sign up for piano lessons for beginners in Northfield, NJ (Right outside of Vineland, NJ) today. Lessons are offered in 30- to 60-minute sessions depending on the student.

Read about an innovative instruction method

Our piano lessons are taught using an advanced approach that involves notating music played directly from the instructor's piano. This allows students to play cutting edge pieces earlier in their education. Our lessons:

Are divided into 16 music categories customized to each students age and level
Use color codes, symbols and icons to help students learn faster
Include a background lesson on each piece to enrich student learning

Students will receive specialized practice sheets, showing them how to practice each musical section. Your musical subjects are custom-chosen for your musical needs. Learn more about our piano lessons now by calling 609-992-1012.